The Dollar        Manager

Windows Development Toolkit 

All of the program development tools required to create completely customized applications for use with $MAN the Dollar Manager. 


$DESIGN: Design or modify database files . You can control the list of fields, the record screen or printer format, debit and credit posting numbers, formulas, and other characteristics. 

$CONTROL: Edit or create INPUT and OUTPUT template files. You can create your own data entry or display screens, generate reports, import and export data in custom-defined formats, define marker formulas, and control the reading, processing and writing of data records anywhere in the system! You can also control screen colours, fonts, and user profiles. 

$MENU: Create or modify custom menu systems. With this module you can add your own menu function buttons, define or edit submenu choices, or even attach your own bitmap graphics files! 

$SESSION: Record, edit and document procedures. This function allows you control over the step-by-step activities that are performed at the command of any submenu choice. Also use to define hot-keys, keystroke macros, help screens, and record queries. 

$SAMPLE: Install sample system modules. With this powerful choice, you can install over 300 sample templates used by the following selection of sample custom menus: 

  • List Maintenance -- print personalized form letters, selected mailing labels, etc. 
  • Customer Order Entry -- pick lists, packing slips, batch invoicing, backorder processing and reporting capability 
  • Job Costing -- Simple or detailed costing, Expense/budget reporting, Estimating, construction job quoting, purchase/timesheet/stock usage allocations, activity reporting by vendor, employee or cost code. 
  • Docket billing -- Process time/docket transactions, recurring charges, variable charge rates, reports by charge type or by employee, automatic billing, etc. 
  • Property Management -- tenant and extenant database, rent escalations, revenue projections, CAM and percent rents, etc. 
  • Point of Sale -- both sale and rental examples, cash summaries, sales by department, time-of-day, timecards, etc. 
  • Membership -- member database, automatic billing of fees and chit charges, statements, personalized form letters, etc. 
  • Raw Materials Inventory -- Bill of Materials, material requirement forecasting, workorder tracking, raw material usage reports. 
  • File Management -- examples of custom-controlled data import and export. 
Please note that the Development Toolkit requires a copy of $Man to operate.


Updated 03/10
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