World Healing Event

Join the millions worldwide in the Annual
World Peace Prayer/Meditation

December 31st
6:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.
(Noon G.M.T.)

In Toronto the festivities are held at

St. Lawrence Hall
157 King Street East
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(Southwest corner of King and Jarvis Streets)

World Healing Event in Toronto, Canada
Video from a World Healing Event
A World Healing Presentation
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This event is sponsored by individuals, community and corporate efforts. For information on how you can participate, call:

416.690.2095 or 416.214.0573

If you are unable to attend, please join in at 7 a.m. Toronto time (Noon G.M.T) wherever you are -- by yourself, with family or friends to contribute yout thoughts an energies to this special global alignment of consciousness.
In 1986, John Randolph Price and his wife, Jan Price, introduced the World Healing Meditation. Millions of people around the world have been inspired to take part in it for over twenty-five consecutive years. 

At Noon Greenwich mean time on December 31st, people of every nation, culture, religion and color, will simultaneously turn their hearts and minds to world healing for one hour. Noon Greenwich time is the only hour when every part of the world is on the same calendar day, December 31. Computer analysis of the 1987 World Healing Day estimated that 500 million people worldwide participated in this event. 

This event is held worldwide so please check your local newspaper 
for your city's event listings

This is not a religious event. World Healing Day is an interfaith, multi-cultural action whereby people unite for an hour across the world for the common purpose of creating peace and harmony on earth. 

We invite you to invest one hour on December 31 at Noon Greenwich time. During this hour you can turn your attention to world healing in various ways. Some examples are: 

  • Gather friends and family in your home
  • organize your religious communities, service organizations and co-workers
  • meditate or pray. 

Imagine how a moment in time can change your life
Imagine what moments in time have changed your life
Imagine how this moment in time can change your life