The $CALC calculator and cash register program is the perfect calculator software for your computer, whether your needs are basic addition and subtraction, or more complex calculations such as mortgage payments and depreciation schedules. $CALC can also be used as a simple point of sale system, with powerful reporting capabilities.

When used in conjunction with the $MAN Accounting and database program, $CALC can read transaction files such as UNPAID or CLEAR1, retrieve monetary data such as your bank balance, General Ledger account balances, or accounts receivable and payable totals, enabling you to quickly accomplish cash flow planning, sales projections, and many other business functions.

  • Memory Store & Recall 
  • Math Functions 
  • Mortgage Amortization 
  • Capital Cost Allowance 
  • Future Value 
  • Depreciation 
  • Programmable Function keys 
  • Cash Register Operation 
  • MarkUp and MarkDown 
  • Accounting Totals 

Memory Store & Recall
Eighteen programmable memories, with automatic SUM and AVERAGE on data stored in memory. Scroll backwards on $CALC's built-in tape and you can retrieve any of your last 255 entries or totals.

Math Functions

Full mathematical operations, including Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Exponent (power), Square root, Inverse, Percent and Bracketed calculations

Mortgage Amortization

Calculate monthly payments for loans or mortgages, with any payment or compounding period. Print an amortization schedule showing principle and interest during the term, total payment and remaining principle amounts.

Capital Cost Allowance

Simplify your tax return by using this function to calculate the allowable depreciation on your fixed assets, using Revenue Canada's formula. Includes automatic depreciation rate by asset class.

Future Value

Calculate the net value of a term investment or of a series of fixed payments. $CALC will also calculate the payment amount required for a net future value (annuity calculation).


Use the straight line, sum of the years', or declining balance methods. Print a depreciation schedule for any term.

Programmable Function keys

If you have a special formula of your own, simply program it on any function key using $CALC. Function key definitions (macros) can be stored on disk for later use. We provide a full set of metric conversions as an example of function key usage.

Cash Register Operation

Print sales slips using $CALC's Department Add function, which provides powerful point-of-sale capability. Define up to 18 sales departments, with support for two programmable sales taxes. Allow for tax exempt items and controllable tax compounding. $CALC's reporting capabilities let you analyze sales by department, time of day, and payment method.

Payment by cash, cheque, or four types of credit cards are supported, along with voids and three types of adjustments. Daily sales totals can be automatically exported to the $MAN accounting system or any spreadsheet that supports CSV import file format. The Department Add function is also useful for annotated totals, such as expense or petty cash reports. You can print a tape which adds up a series of amounts, with user-definable descriptions beside each item.

Calculate MarkUp and MarkDown

Use the Percent key to calculate markup and markdown, or use the unique Gross Profit Margin key to calculate the correct selling price for a desired percent profit, based on the cost of the item.

Accounting Totals

$MAN users can automatically retrieve:
  • Bank balance 
  • total of outstanding or postdated cheques 
  • accounts receivable 
  • accounts payable (totals or aging) 
  • balance of any transaction file 

They can also set or get any of these or other values internally in $CALC, allowing users to program frequently-used factors such as exchange rates. Commonly-used values such as PI and E are already provided with $CALC.

$Calc is both a stand-alone program and a comprehensive software component included in the $MAN -The Dollar Manager accounting and database package.


Updated Julne, 2000


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