Publications from Emanation Press

ISBN Number Title Author Category Price
0-920540-01-5 The Real Story of Christopher Columbus Morton Ritts Fiction 6.95
0-920540-04-X Falkstode Leslie McAllister Children's fiction 7.95
0-920540-05-8 The Almost Almanac Anthology Photography, prose and poetry 9.95
0-920540-06-6 Breaking Ice in the Desert Lorne Gould Non-fiction photographs and text 9.95
0-920540-07-4 The Fruits of Experience Anthology Short stories 6.95
0-920540-08-2 Collected Works Lionel Douglas Photographs, poetry & prose 9.95
0-920540-09-0 Abigail McChuff and the Mountain Turtle Donna Bellavance Children's fiction 7.95
0-920540-10-4 New Bodies Anthology A collection of Science Fiction 7.95
0-920540-11-2 Nightmare in Apepopolis J. Kit Miller Fiction 9.95
0-920540-12-0 Virtual Image: Visions from Beyond the Ground Glass Anthology Photographs with text 9.95
Work to Benefit Beings Christopher Banigan Art -- out of print N/A

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